the interesting idea... the start of this project... the conversations to come

I'm a member of Post Crossing, the internet site for postcard exchange. I sent a card to another Post Crosser, Ilona from Germany. She asked that people tell her which magical power they would like to have. Her question really made me think!

In turn, I thought it would be an interesting project to ask people to pose Thought-Provoking Questions. I would do my best to answer with my opinion, and I would encourage others to add theirs.

And, so was born this blog! I hope that it will be the home for many interesting conversations in the year ahead!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Unanswered questions

98 cards... all in one shot!

I had STUFF going on, and unfortunately Post Crossing suffered collateral damage. I just caught up on my posting there, and I will now catch up on my posting here. After I post these questions, the "back of the card" project will go on hiatus until January 2012. I've got a new idea to try, but I need to catch up on other long overdue tasks.

In the meantime, entertain yourself with these questions:

From Svetlana, in Russia: Why do young children smile all the time (give their smiles to the world)?

From Amy, a Canadian living in Japan: What is the difference between honor and pride and if there is a difference, which is more valued in the American culture?

From Carolina, in Lisbon, Portugal: How deep can the relationship between two people who have different mother tongues be?

From Alexander, in Russia: What makes a person happy? Can the "American Dream" bring happiness?

From Patricia, in Holland: Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or of strength?

From Connie, in San Francisco, United States: What does peace look like to you?

From Wendy, in the Netherlands: Why can you still taste the garlic the morning after you've eaten it?

From Angie, in Russia: If you could rewrite the end of any book, what book would you choose and and why?

From Iris, in Albuquerque, New Mexico: What makes you tick?

From Veronica, in Malaysia: What can you break without touching it? (silence!)

From Yun, in Columbus, Ohio: What brings you to PostCrossing and what motivates your 2nd, 3rd, 4th year?

From Zhang Yuyu in Beijing, China: Should a girl marry a successful man or a promising one?

From Iolanda, in Portugal: What activities make you lose track of time?

From Elisabeth: If you could be an animal, which one would you pick?

From Piotr, in Poland: Do you believe in yourself?

From Ju, in Australia: Have you ever reflected on the ways your identity and send of self has changed over your life?

Three from Nela in Czechoslovakia: Do you believe people have free will? Do you think evil is only a lack of good? Do you think that education forms one's personality more than genes do?

From Japan: Do you like the US? Why?

From Jeff, in the Phillipines: Where do your files go when you empty your computer's trash bin?

From Marja, in Finland: Are people allowed to eat the meat of horses?

From Pleun, in the Netherlands: What was the most terrible dream you ever had?

From Canada: How are the cycles of our lives like oranges?

From Anastasia, in France: What events in your life did make you think of fate, destiny, fortune?

From Daniela, in Germany: How do you qualify being rich?

From Hildegarde, in Belgium: What do you do when you can't think of a TPQ, not even after trying for two days?

From Gabi, in Germany: Do you know wherefore a panda can do a handstand?

From the Ukraine: What does it mean to be "normal"?

From Sean, in England: If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would you choose to meet?

From Craig, a history teacher in Michigan: If Hitler had been accepted as an art student in Vienna, would World War II still have taken place?

From Renate, in Lithuania: What are five things that make you happy?

From Filia, in germany: Why does the hand of a wath always turn right, not left?

From Jodene, in Canada: If dogs are colourblind and people can see colour, what do you think is possible we are not seeing?

From Salt Lake City: Do you believe in the greenhouse effect?

From Shanghai: Light after darkness?

From Aurora, in Taiwan: What is the meaning of life?

From Germany: Could it be that the system is wrong?

From Joeanne, in Taiwan: If you only get one chance to do time travel, what will you do and why?

From Katya, in Ukraine: Why are people do afraid to make changes?

From Turek, in Poland: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

From Napsu, in Finland: What is the point when you have done enough and it all becomes housekeeping?

From Finland: How old is OLD?

From Eva, a German living in Spain who says she is "Germish:" Who am I?

From Allyson, in Canada: What is good about money?

From Catherine, in Miami, Florida: If we are dead when our lives have ended, what are we before we are born?

From Russia: Why do schools always suppress individuality?

From Cambodia: If you were to choose another country to live in, where would it be?

From Salla, in Finland: Do you believe in angels? Will they help us or are we carrying them?

From Lisa, in Canada: Why do human procrastinate? I WISH I KNEW THE ANSWER TO THIS ONE!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Merry Christmas?

Natalia sends a Christmas card in the summer! And she wonders...

What is the weirdest gift you ever received?

I guess that I have been an incredibly fortunate gift recipient: I have never gotten a truly weird, "what the heck is THIS" kind of gift. But, I would surely love to hear about other people's gift getting (and gift giving) experiences!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Riddle! (I love riddles!)

Julian, a very clever and articulate chap from Malaysia, sent this charming card and a riddle in verse:

I have a thousand faces - maybe more.
I'd love to visit a thousand places - then some more.
Alas, my minder would've none of it
The choleric dude who wears his heart on his sleeve.

And I don my thoughts on my back. What am I?
The first post crossing card!

Check out Julian's blog:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Problem is... I never LIKED pink

Astrid, on this delicious-looking card, explains that these confections, called "beschuit met muisjes" are traditionally made to celebrate the arrival of a baby.
Naturally, girls are celebrated with pink "muisjes" and boys with blue ones. Or is it "natural"?
Astrid's question is "Why is it pink for girls and blue for boys?"
I turned to the clarifier of all things obscure: Cecil Adams of the Straight Dope website. Here's the link:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dreaming of the miraculous

If a dream comes true, is that a miracle?
(That's my question...derived from these questions:
Do you believe that dreams come true?
If you could perform one miracle, what would it be?
My dream is PEACE (it always is) and that WOULD be a miracle.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Walking to the beat...

Warning: Objects in this window are larger than real life (at least I hope so!)
Groetje, from Germany, sent this lovely creature and asked:
What's the first thing you would do if you could suddenly walk on water?
Steven, from Connecticut in the US, has stranded me on the desert island again. (I think I've been there before.)
If you were stranded on a desert island, what three CDs would you bring with you?
I think I would employ my newly discovered ability to walk on water to get off the island, particularly if it's occupied by creatures like the ones on the German card!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

When one question answers another...

Rebecca wants to know:

What's the biggest problem in the world today?

To which Joris replied by asking this question:

Why do people always vote for politicians who promise the most for the crowd and actually do the most for themselves?

I'm hardly even needed in this loop!