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I'm a member of Post Crossing, the internet site for postcard exchange. I sent a card to another Post Crosser, Ilona from Germany. She asked that people tell her which magical power they would like to have. Her question really made me think!

In turn, I thought it would be an interesting project to ask people to pose Thought-Provoking Questions. I would do my best to answer with my opinion, and I would encourage others to add theirs.

And, so was born this blog! I hope that it will be the home for many interesting conversations in the year ahead!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grateful for the essentials

More related questions (at least in my mind)!
Two from the Netherlands: What is the one material thing you could not do without? And what is the one non-material thing?
One from Finland: What are you grateful for?
I've got terrible vision! If I had to spend a day trying to make sense of the world without wearing contact lenses or glasses, I'd be completely befuddled. So, my material items would be my glasses or contact lenses. Those contact lenses allow me to exploit the non-material "thing" that I would miss the most - and one of the things for which I am most grateful - my curiosity! I couldn't read or write or draw or paint or see anything around me at all! And THAT would make me NUTS.

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