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I'm a member of Post Crossing, the internet site for postcard exchange. I sent a card to another Post Crosser, Ilona from Germany. She asked that people tell her which magical power they would like to have. Her question really made me think!

In turn, I thought it would be an interesting project to ask people to pose Thought-Provoking Questions. I would do my best to answer with my opinion, and I would encourage others to add theirs.

And, so was born this blog! I hope that it will be the home for many interesting conversations in the year ahead!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Same question, different places

Within days of one another, these two cards arrived. They both asked the same question:

What do you know about my country?

One writer is from Norway; the other is from Romania. The Norwegian writer also instructed me to avoid using the Internet and instead encouraged me to use my own brain. Hmmmmm.

What do I know about Norway? Sad to say, the first thing that came to mind was the frequency with which the answer "Olaf" comes up in New York Times crossword puzzles, with the clue having something to do with Norway.

What do I know about Romania? Well, there's that Dracula thing... which I imagine the Romanians are well and tired of hearing about.

What did I really learn? "Don't know much geography!"

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